Dried wedding flowers for 2023

Now that we’ve had the great news that weddings and celebrations can commence in 2021, if you’re a lucky bride or groom that’s looking to tie the knot then it’s time to think about flowers. 

You’ve probably seen dried wedding flowers around, they’re certainly on trend right now! And the benefits don’t stop there. 

Why choose dried flowers for weddings?

Not only are dried and preserved flowers so versatile, they’re also more sustainable. 

After all, unlike with the fresh flowers, dried and preserved flowers will last for years to come. This makes them far more sustainable and environmentally friendly than fresh flowers which have a mere lifespan on just days or weeks.

What’s more, as dried and preserved flowers last, they’re also better for your bank balance!

Dried and preserved flowers for weddings are also super low maintenance. The great thing about dried wedding flowers is that they can be bought and stored far in advance of the big day, meaning no last minute panics or surprises. 

As dried wedding flowers last for years to come, they also give you a gorgeous reminder of your special day that you can treasure, unlike fresh flowers which will wilt within weeks. 

Dried wedding flowers are easy, hassle free and require no watering and little maintenance, making them perfect for your special day! 

“Preserving Memories: Creative Ways to Repurpose and Display Dried Wedding Flowers”

Dried wedding flowers hold the sentimental essence of one of the most special days in your life, and there are numerous meaningful ways to repurpose and cherish them. Consider crafting a timeless keepsake, such as a shadow box or framed arrangement, that not only preserves the blooms but also showcases the beauty of your wedding day. Another option is to transform the dried flowers into potpourri, providing a fragrant reminder of your celebration. Additionally, you can repurpose the petals into handmade paper or resin jewelry, creating unique and personalized accessories. For a more sustainable approach, consider composting the dried flowers or incorporating them into DIY home decor projects. Whether you choose to display them prominently in your home or incorporate them into a functional item, repurposing dried wedding flowers allows you to extend the joy and memories of your special day well beyond the ceremony.

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